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CARY, N.C.--( BUSINESS WIRE )--Research Triangle Software, one of the leading providers of branded email solutions for businesses and organizations, announced today that their LetterMark branded and secure email software is now available in a Lite version.

LetterMark Web-enhanced email reinforces a company's brand consistently with every email an employee sends by using interactive templates allowing every employee to promote the company brand, new products, promotions, and press releases while increasing their web traffic by up to thirty percent which results in additional sales.

All the proven branding features of LetterMark including tracking web site visits are available with LetterMark Lite, with the exception of individual signatures and individual contact information. It also supports the encryption of attachments to meet the expanding legislation which requires that personal information sent by email be encrypted.

“Many potential customers have been very impressed with LetterMark but they neither need nor want individual signature for each employee,” said Jeff LeRose CEO of Research Triangle Software. “The ability to maintain their image on every email sent and the receiver’s ability to click on and be taken to the sender’s web site for additional information has proved beneficial to thousands of LetterMark users.”

LetterMark Lite provides all the branding features of LetterMark while vastly simplifying the installation process and providing branding and promotional opportunities at a very reasonable cost.

LetterMark Lite has a proven media cost which is less per 1000 impressions than all the major alternatives, with many added advantages. As with the full version of LetterMark, the Lite version is totally secure and does not re-route the email or imbed images in the email.

A Software as a Service (SaaS) site license is available to companies or organizations with over 50 email addresses.

The product may be upgraded to the full LetterMark version at any time for any number of individuals in the organization. For further information visit the LetterMark Lite information page at Womens Misshight Biker Boots Kickers Lowest Price Buy Cheap Choice Sale Outlet Locations Prices Online Collections Cheap Online 95lYULd7YU
to see the features.

Research Triangle Software, Inc. offers secure and branded electronic commerce solutions for industry-leading corporations, and organizations. Based in Cary, NC, RTS strives to continually produce advanced applications and services and has a unique approach to the future portable security and branding needs for individual, corporate, and government users. Current solutions include CryptoLock™ encryption software, LetterMark® Web-enhanced Email, CryptoStick® brand products, and the RTS Portable Security Suite™. For more information, please visit Sale Comfortable crocodileeffect boots Black Marni Free Shipping Excellent TP0Il

“The ability to maintain their image on every email sent and the receiver’s ability to click on and be taken to the sender’s web site for additional information has proved beneficial to thousands of LetterMark users.”

“Comprise” is similar to “join multiple units into a single unit,” e.g., “A house comprises various rooms.” “Comprise” indicates that one thing has multiple parts.

“Compose” is similar to “create” and “combine with other units to make a single unit,” e.g., “Various rooms compose a house.” “Compose” indicates that multiple things can interact to make one new thing.

Jim Hertsch

For me, it’s simple: “of’ is part of comprise’s definition, to add it is redundant. We are taking a perfectly good verb and turning it into a verb phrase:

The class comprises 20 students. The class is comprised of 20 students.

Rich Wheeler

Thought-provoking article, Maeve! You put a lot of effort into it.

Using ‘comprising’ in place of ‘comprised of’ turns a boring, passive clause into an active one and agrees with the definition of ‘comprise.’

“a century, comprising, originally, 100 men.”

Score: One superfluous word eliminated, passive turned to active

‘Comprising’ serves a purpose only if the writer wishes to draw attention to the process of forming a unit. Otherwise, even ‘comprising’ adds wordiness.

“a century, a unit of, originally, 100 men.”

Score: Two superfluous words eliminated, structure simplified

Regarding ‘compose’: The fact that people use ‘compose’ in passive voice should remind us that external agents such as a writers or recruiters do any composing. Rooms might comprise, or combine to form, a living space; but at least to my ear, rooms do not interact or compose. Even if we accepted such unnatural usage, rooms would not form a house without the addition of external walls and a roof. A recruiter might compose a century of 100 men, but 100 men would not compose a unit.

S Churchill PhD

The Cambridge Dictionary website provides clarification when choosing between ‘consist’, ‘comprise’ and ‘compose’: ‘Consist, comprise and compose are all verbs used to describe what something is ‘made of’. We don’t use them in continuous forms.’ These terms above are also ranked in progressive degree of formality and correct usage of active or passive voice.



I have always preferred to avoid “comprised of”. Recently I saw some articles about this guy: and I recommend that we make his life a bit easier by not using “comprised of”.

Phil Radler

I find it amusing that the “comprised of” article is adjacent to the one on etymons. If memory serves, “comprise” evolved from a French word meaning “embrace” or “include.” According to Bill Walsh (in “Lapsing Into a Comma”), “To comprise means ‘to contain or to embrace’.” And further, according to Walsh: “Nothing is ever ‘comprised of’ something.” It isn’t that hard to get it right.

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