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  • Encoding for drive in RDP+.

    In the view of drive in RDP+, nearly all the data drives are covered, because any new parity in the third parity drive X is the XOR of some two data elements. Those data pairs or tuples to construct parity are specially chosen to satisfy fast reconstruction. For example, and of disk #0 are, respectively, included in and , which will be used in the reconstruction of disk #0. In other words, disk coverage in some way guarantees the even and balanced distribution of speedup effect on multidisks. Those short combinations in drive constructed by data pairs are specially chosen to satisfy fast reconstruction. Similar algorithms to those in [ FOOTWEAR Courts Golden Goose Sale Free Shipping jwBEwKYxJ
    20 ] can be easily constructed to find proper short combinations for drive.

    (iii) Single Failure Rebuild in RDP+ . Regarding single failure reconstruction, for example, if disk#0 fails, reconstruction with the participation of related short combinations in will occur.

    As shown in Figure , we use and to recover , , and for . With the help of and , respectively, and are reconstructed in the direction of slope 0 while and are, respectively, recovered from slope −1 with and . In total, there are 22 elements needed to be read, comparing with 27 element reads of RDP optimal recovery.

    Rebuilding single failure with elements.

    In the views of double failures, RDP+ maintains system reliability in two ways. First and foremost, RDP is included in RDP+; therefore there will be no data loss whenever any double failures happen.

    Additionally, with shorter reconstruction window, some double-failure situations previous in traditional RAID-6 system could be converted to independent single failures, thus eliminating vulnerability undergone by the system. Also, the same way of using short combinations in X can be applied to save data reads for double-failure scenarios.

    In fact, triple failures happen at an extremely tiny probability; therefore the third parity drive in traditional codes only exists for extreme cases. According to Reliability Equation in [ gathered ballerinas Black See By Chlo Outlet Inexpensive e3EjG796
    ], RDP+ could convert a portion of triple-failure situations in traditional coding schemes to lower possibility, leaving unconvertible triple failures at a negligible level.

    Unlike aforementioned RAID-6 codes, which are all horizontally aligned, -code [ 7 For All Mankind Woman Faded Lowrise Skinny Jeans Dark Denim Size 24 7 For All Mankind Free Shipping Low Price Fee Shipping Shopping Online Outlet Sale dVFVF1ST
    ] stands out as a vertical code and has the unique property in update complexity, which is denoted by the penalized writes to parity caused by a write request to a single data element. Additionally, nonvolatile memory (NVM) is gaining popularity and much sensitive to write operation [ Official Site Online rhinestone embellished open toe sandals Metallic Sophia Webster Sale With Credit Card flcURcK
    ]. With its born optimality on update penalty, -code is very suitable to be used in nonvolatile memory systems for its optimal update complexity to mitigate write operations. However, no extension based on X -code exists, leaving us possibility of extending X -code with the proposed RAID-6Plus methodology.


    Apostrophes in business names and place names In "punctuation"

    Willy-nilly apostrophes and apocope In "etymology"

    Do you ♥ words with no letters? In "grammar"

    This entry was posted on Monday, August 10th, 2009 at 3:09 pm and is filed under plurals , Outlet Store For Sale Derek Lam 10 Crosby Woman Flared Ruffletrimmed Woolblend Sweater Ivory Size L Derek Lam Purchase Online Outlet 2018 Outlet Locations Cheap Price Discount View 8DWOAgY
    , usage . You can follow any responses to this entry through the Jimmy Choo Woman Keely Knotted Satin Mules Antique Rose Size 365 Jimmy Choo London Cheap Discount Authentic rNqgCG
    feed. You can Womens Ayden Mules Gold Gold Vagabond Sale Prices Discount Cost Cheap Low Shipping Sale Inexpensive xYV7SKT
    , or Sale Countdown Package Clearance Factory Outlet Womens Herzallerliebst Espadrilles Adelheid Umu1il
    from your own site.

    August 10, 2009 at 3:56 pm

    Regarding your search for WMDs (didn’t I read somewhere that someone else was looking for them too?) would it not be pedantically correct to state WsMD? After all, it is the Weapon that is plural, and not the Destruction?

    On a slightly different tack, I am often amused by the use of such very common expressions such as “ATM machine” which doubles up on the “machine” or “PIN number” – Personal Identification Number number?

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    Great post! I’m guessing that the high school students who were studying for their SATs got better SAT results than the ones who were studying for their “SAT’s”. :-)

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    Grandad: Yes, I have a feeling I wasn’t the first to go looking for them, but I wonder if anyone else thought to search for them there. And what would I have done had I found them? Abbreviated redundancies amuse me too. I hear your examples quite a lot, and there’s also the CPI index, RSVP please , UPC codes, the HIV virus, etc. There’s an impressive collection of these RAP phrases (Redundant Acronym Phrase phrases) .

    ‘would it not be pedantically correct to state WsMD?’

    I see what you mean, but I think that would be hypercorrection. When words and phrases get initialised, the initials don’t retain strict one-to-one correspondence with the words they refer to, and we pronounce the letters rather than treat them as words. So an initialism becomes a new entity, a noun in its own right, demanding -s at the end of its plural like most of its neighbours have. Some plural compound nouns have an internal -s-, e.g. mothers-in-law , but if this was commonly initialised we would still say “em-eye-elz” rather than “emz-eye-el”.

    Vero: Thank you! Perhaps you’re right, but it would depend on a lot of known and unknown unknowns. How the papers are marked, for example.

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    January 28, 2016
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    Thirty years ago Thursday, the nation watched in horror as the space shuttle Challenger exploded moments after takeoff, killing six astronauts and Christa McAuliffe, a high school teacher from Concord, New Hampshire. She was one of 11,000 applicants to get the opportunity and was set to be the first private citizen in space.

    Holly Merrow and Alison Cohen were watching that day from Concord High School. Merrow, now a teacher in Camden, Maine, was one of McAuliffe's students. Cohen was a young reporter with local New Hampshire radio station WGIR and had interviewed McAuliffe and her husband Steven several times leading up to the space flight.

    Holly Merrow Alison Cohen

    Merrow and Cohen join Here Now' s Peter O'Dowd to remember McAuliffe and the impact that day had on the community.

    Do you still think about the day the Challenger exploded, 30 years ago?

    ”We definitely do, especially around this time of the year. It’s like it just happened yesterday, for most people and not just the students.”

    Recalling the day it happened.

    “We had school that day. We were sitting in classrooms. This was back in 1986 and it was a big deal, but the cable company had, that year, graciously installed cable in each of the classrooms and provided TVs in all of the classrooms so that when the launch happened, no matter where we were in the school, we could watch it. That was pretty exciting, and there was a lot of press in the building that had been there for days and days. There was a lot of excitement around the launch, lots of activities and celebrations and things that happened for about a year before the launch as well.”

    Then the unthinkable happened.

    “It was a horrible sight. I had been to Florida during one of the first launches as a younger kid. So when the explosion happened I thought, oh, aren’t those rockets supposed to come off? It didn’t look quite right, so I looked to one of the teachers, I was in a chemistry class at the time, so I looked the teacher and she was already crying.”

    What was Christa McAuliffe like as a teacher?

    “I remember her just being kind and helpful. She was very exuberant in her teaching and excited about what she was teaching. She was always willing to help outside of the classroom if you needed it. I remember her constantly, every day that I stayed late after school to make up work that I’d missed for other classes, and I remember her checking in to see if there was anything she could do to help me.”

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    Blue Sky Originals
    Clout Street
    John Byrne

    A proposal by two Southwest Side aldermen to remove Chicago’s decades-old spray paint ban has new life. Ald. Edward Burke, 14th, has asked for an ordinance to allow spray paint sales — that he and Ald. Matt O’Shea, 19th, first introduced in 2016 — be moved to Burke’s Finance Committee. The ordinance...

    Julie Johnsson

    Boeing struck a deal to sell 100 more of its 737 Max jetliners to VietJet Aviation, an agreement that will make the Vietnamese discounter the biggest customer in Asia of the planemaker's largest narrow-body jet. The memorandum of understanding covers 80 of Boeing's 737 Max 10 planes and 20 of the...

    Matt Pearce , Richard Winton and David Montero

    Over the last couple of days, dozens of survivors of last year’s mass shooting in Las Vegas have started to receive some startling legal notices. “A lawsuit has been filed against you,” the notices say. The plaintiff? MGM Resorts International, the casino and hotel company, owner of both the fairgrounds...

    Clout Street
    Gregory Pratt

    Window washers, out on strike for 17 days and counting, gained a symbolic boost of support from Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Chicago aldermen Wednesday after a protest at City Hall to draw attention to their labor dispute. The window washers marched from Daley Plaza to City Hall, blowing air horns, banging...

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