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Streamlining the payment processes for our hospital and our affiliates has allowed us to accelerate our patient payments by 44 percent and reduce costs with a time savings of 20 hours per week. Our staff enjoys the efficiency in their day-to-day workflow, and our patients love having convenient payment options.

North Ottawa Community Hospital (NOCH) is an 81-bed acute care facility located in Grand Haven, Michigan. NOCH is part of a larger healthcare delivery system and has many affiliates in different locations.

NOCH lacked the ability to collect patient payments efficiently, a hindrance driven by manual processes that created unnecessary burdens on operations to collect, post and reconcile payments. For example, NOCH staff would accept patient payments manually by writing down the credit/debit card information, processing the payment in a different hospital location and finally sending the receipt to the patient by mail. This method was extremely error prone and created numerous processes that hindered the patient payment process. The hospital experienced similar issues with check payments. NOCH staff would manually log each check into a spreadsheet, prepare the bank deposit slips then physically deposit the checks at the bank. This was cumbersome and required two staff members to complete. Beyond the errors of payment posting and reconciliation resulting from these processes, the time spent to collect prevented NOCH from dealing with the larger issues of rising patient payment responsibility.

InstaMed’s Patient Payments solution eliminated many of these inefficiencies by streamlining the hospital’s processes to collect, post and reconcile payments. With InstaMed, NOCH is able to accept patient payments, enter payment information directly into InstaMed Online and instantly print and email the receipt while the patient is present. By offering more payment options and processing payments more efficiently, NOCH has increased the number of payments collected in the front office, which has the additional benefit of reducing administrative time and the costs to collect.

InstaMed’s eCheck solution has simplified the hospital’s cumbersome check payment process into one easy step. Using a check scanning device, NOCH converts all paper checks to eChecks, with real-time reporting. With the entire payment process streamlined, automated reporting improved the hospital’s accuracy and efficiency.

With these added efficiencies, NOCH now has the time and resources to address the issue of rising patient payment responsibility. As the hospital identifies patient balances, the staff is able to engage with the patients to set up convenient payment plans that meet their financial needs. Furthermore, in eliminating some of its manual processes, NOCH has ensured its compliance with Payment Card Industry (PCI) requirements, regulating how payment information is collected and processed.

By streamlining the patient payment process with InstaMed’s solutions, NOCH now collects payments efficiently and has accelerated its patient payment collections by 44 percent. Additionally, in eliminating its manual processes, the hospital saves 20 hours of administrative work each week, which has significantly reduced operational costs. Moreover, the hospital’s processes are much more accurate and secure, further increasing administrative efficiency while maintaining PCI compliance.

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Tributes paid to the former dancer and choreographer whose West End hits included The Phantom of the Opera

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Gillian Lynne, the leading British choreographer who created the slinky moves of Macavity, Grizabella and other feline stars of the West End hit Cats, has died aged 92. Lynne, who worked on more than 60 shows in the West End and Broadway, had a long-running collaboration with the composer Lace Up Shoes for Men Oxfords Derbies and Brogues On Sale Black Leather 2017 11 Prada Discount Very Cheap Cheap Sale Latest kwWJCfz
and choreographed The Phantom of the Opera and Aspects of Love. The composer paid tribute to her on Twitter, saying: “Farewell dearest Gillie, three generations of the British musical owe so much to you.”

Choreographer Matthew Bourne tweeted that Lynne “supported and inspired me from the very beginning … [her] spirit and love of dance and dancers lives on in all of us”. The actor Bernadette Peters also paid tribute, writing: “RIP dear Gillian Lynne. Your talents created so much joy for us all.”

Last month, Lynne became the first woman to have a West End theatre named after her when Lloyd Webber renamed his New London theatre. In a ceremony to mark the event, she was carried to the stage on a golden throne, surrounded by dancers from Cats.

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Lynne started out as a classical ballerina and was a leading soloist at Sadler’s Wells Ballet as it became the Royal Ballet in the postwar years. She danced at the London Palladium, choreographed her first film and her first ballet in the early 60s and became a prolific director and choreographer for the stage. In film, she acted with Errol Flynn on The Master of Ballantrae, and choreographed for Barbra Streisand on Yentl and Tommy Steele on Half a Sixpence. Her television credits included The Muppet Show and A Simple Man , a ballet about the life of the painter LS Lowry, performed at the Palace theatre in Manchester and broadcast on the BBC. It won a Bafta award for best TV arts programme in 1987.

Cats, an adaptation of TS Eliot’s Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats, produced by Cameron Mackintosh, opened in 1981, and won her an Olivier award. It became one of the longest-running West End shows in history. By the time it closed, 21 years later, it had been performed around 9,000 times.

Lynne received a special Olivier award in 2013 and was made a dame in 2014 for her services to dance and musical theatre. She died on Sunday at the Princess Grace hospital in London. “She leaves behind a huge legacy and was adored by many,” said the actor Peter Land, who she married in 1980. Theatres across London’s West End will dim their lights at 7pm on Monday in her honour.

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I'm pregnant with twins, a girl and a boy. My husband and I finally agreed on what we thought were the perfect names -- but someone just pointed out that the initials would be MF. I don't want to name them something they'll get picked on for, but we both really like these names and haven't come up with anything else. Are the initials worth worrying about?
a BabyCenter member
Asked 05-2-16
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Mom Answers ( 486 )
My son's intials are CIA and I thought for sure it would ruin his life. But no one notices or cares. I told him that IF someone notices his initials are CIA then he can tell them "great now I have to kill you."
30 found this helpful
I definately wouldn't worry about that. It's too obscure to matter, and if they DID ever figure it out, they would be too old to care, and past the junior high teasing stage. If your kid's initials were going to be something like D.O.R.K., I would worry, but M.F.? Don't sweat it. :)
a BabyCenter member
Answered 07-5-14
20 found this helpful
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My Initials are MF, I haven't had any problems with it. People don't even notice.
Answered 07-4-30
19 found this helpful
I've had the initials MF all my life and it hasn't been a problem at all, I actually never noticed it until you just pointed it out!!
a BabyCenter member
Answered 06-11-17
15 found this helpful
To know that your son's initials will be DIC and then to still give him them? Cruel. At work a lot of times we are referred to on reports or signoff on things with our initials. I used to work with a guy named Michael E. Nichols. He wasn't gay, but he was a little effeminate and people made a LOT of comments.
Answered 07-1-2
13 found this helpful
my Favorite uncle's name is Fernando Udan (FU) and now its the biggest joke for him. he moved to a small city and everyone knows him as FU and suprisingly enough this simply made him more confident in himself! its your choice and everyone will find something wrong in EVERY name you choose and kids are really good to point out anything they can to embarass or make fun of. IF you like it you should do it if not like my sister you may live and regret it!!!! :((
Answered 07-1-7
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John knows that if he adds all the gumballs together, there are 20 gumballs in the bag. So, the number of total outcomes is 20. John also knows that there are eight yellow gumballs, which would represent the number of favorable outcomes. So, the probability of selecting a yellow gumball at random from the bag is 8 out of 20.

All fractions, however, must be simplified. So, both 8 and 20 will divide by 4. So, 8/20 would reduce to 2/5. John knows that probability of him selecting a yellow gumball from the bag at random is 2/5.

To calculate the number of total outcomes and favorable outcomes, you might have to calculate a combination. Remember, a combination is a way to calculate events where order does not matter.

Let's look at an example. To enjoy his movies, John decides to order a pizza. Looking at the menu, John sees the Pizza King offers eight different topping (four meat and four vegetables). The toppings are: pepperoni, ham, bacon, sausage, peppers, mushrooms, onions and olives. John has a coupon for a 3-topping pizza. Choosing ingredients at random, what is the probability of John selecting a pizza with meat only?

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John is looking for the probability of selecting a meat-only pizza. In order to do so, he will need to calculate the total number of favorable outcomes over the total outcomes possible. Let's first calculate the total number of outcomes. To calculate the total outcomes, we will use the formula for combinations because the order of the pizza toppings does not matter. The formula for combinations is C = ! / ! * ( - )!, where represents the number of items, and represents the number of items being chosen at a time.

John is selecting three toppings from the eight offered by Pizza King. 8 would represent our term, and 3 would represent our term. So, our equation will look like 8C3 = 8! / 3! * (8 - 3)!.

To solve this equation, we need to subtract 8 - 3 = 5. So, our equation now looks like 8! / 3! * 5!. Next, we need to expand each of these factorials. 8! would equal 8 * 7 * 6 * 5 * 4 * 3 * 2 * 1, divided by 3! * 5!, which would equal 3 * 2 * 1 * 5 * 4 * 3 * 2 * 1.

Remember, to make this problem easier, we can cancel out like terms on both the top and bottom of this equation. We can see that there is a 5, 4, 3, 2 and 1 on both the top and bottom. These terms can be cancelled out. By multiplying 8 * 7 * 6 on top, it equals 336. On the bottom, 3 * 2 *1, which equals 6. After dividing 336 by 6, we can see the total number of outcomes of pizzas that John can order is 56.

John must now find the number of favorable outcomes. John wanted to know the probability of selecting a pizza with meat only. Looking at the menu, we can see that there are four types of meat to choose from, and John is only selecting three.

This is another example of a combination problem because the order that the meat toppings are selected does not matter. To calculate the number of favorable outcomes, we need to use the combination formula C = ! / ! * ( - )!, where represents the number of items, and represents the number of items being chosen at a time.

Since there are four meats and John is choosing three, the term would be 4, and the term would be 3. Our equation would look like 4C3 = 4! / 3! * (4 - 3)!. Next, we need to subtract the 4 - 3 on bottom, which equals 1. So, our equation now looks like 4! / 3! * 1!.

Next, let's expand both the top and the bottom of our equation now to look for common terms that we can cancel out. By expanding the top, we get 4 * 3 * 2 * 1, and the bottom would be 3 * 2 * 1 * 1. We can see that on both the top and bottom, there is a 3 * 2 * 1, which can be cancelled out.

John can now see that there are only four combinations of 3-topping pizzas that would contain only meats. To calculate the probability, John will need to use the number of favorable outcomes, which was 4, over the number of total outcomes, which was 56. The probability would be 4/56, which can be reduced to 1/14. So, the probability that John selects a 3-topping pizza that will contain only meat is 1/14.

Lesson Summary

Remember that are a way to calculate the total outcomes of an event where order of the outcomes does not matter. To calculate combinations, we will use the formula C = ! / ! * ( - )!, where represents the number of items, and represents the number of items being chosen at a time.

To find the probability of an event, you may have to find the combinations. To calculate the probability of an event occurring, you will use the formula number of favorable outcomes over the number of total outcomes.

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