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NASA routinely trained shuttle crews for splashdown events, but the cabin hit the ocean surface at roughly 207mph (333km/h), with an estimated deceleration at impact of well over 200 , far beyond the structural limits of the crew compartment or crew survivability levels, and far greater than almost any automobile, aircraft, or train accident. The crew would have been torn from their seats and killed instantly by the extreme impact force. Pre Order Discount Extremely polka dot blouse Red Harley Viera Newton Discount View From China hKY9k

On July 28, 1986, NASA's Associate Administrator for Space Flight, former astronaut Richard H. Truly , released a report on the deaths of the crew from the director of Space and Life Sciences at the Johnson Space Center , Buy Cheap Great Deals Buy Cheap 100% Authentic Womens Josie TaperedLeg Trouser Jeans J Brand Clearance 100% Original Brand New Unisex Sale Online Buy Cheap Geniue Stockist JbbgV2Xd3W
. A medical doctor and former astronaut, Kerwin was a veteran of the 1973 Skylab 2 mission. According to the Kerwin Report:

The findings are inconclusive. The impact of the crew compartment with the ocean surface was so violent that evidence of damage occurring in the seconds which followed the disintegration was masked. Our final conclusions are:

Some experts believe most if not all of the crew were alive and possibly conscious during the entire descent until impact with the ocean. Astronaut and NASA lead accident investigator Robert Overmyer said, "I not only flew with Dick Scobee, we owned a plane together, and I know Scob did everything he could to save his crew. Scob fought for any and every edge to survive. He flew that ship without wings all the way down... they were alive." [31]

Further information: Shuttle ejection escape systems , Post- abort enhancements

During powered flight of the space shuttle, crew escape was not possible. Launch escape systems were considered several times during shuttle development, but NASA's conclusion was that the shuttle's expected high reliability would preclude the need for one. Modified Best Place For Sale Discount With Mastercard Classic Nylon Trainers In Oatmeal Beige Reebok iQsDtD
ejection seats and full pressure suits were used for the two-man crews on the first four shuttle orbital missions, which were considered test flights, but they were removed for the "operational" missions that followed. (The Columbia Accident Investigation Board later declared, after the 2003 Big Sale For Sale VIGEVANO POPLIN BLOUSE WITH HIPPIE BUS PRINT Bivolino Find Great For Sale tXBkDPWKAg
, that the space shuttle system should never have been declared operational because it is experimental by nature due to the limited number of flights as compared to certified commercial aircraft.) The multi-deck design of the crew cabin precluded use of such ejection seats for larger crews. Providing some sort of launch escape system had been considered, but deemed impractical due to "limited utility, technical complexity and excessive cost in dollars, weight or schedule delays." Palm Island Tshirt Black Palm Angels Cheap Big Discount Cheap Sale Perfect xToPSf8

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Plus a bonus topic: “pled” versus “pleaded.”

Grammar Girl
March 13, 2009
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Episode #161
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Today guest-writer Bonnie Trenga is helping us talk about two sets of words that listeners get confused: “pleaded guilty” or “pled guilty,” and “use” or “utilize.”

“Plead” Versus “Pled”

Mike from Georgia is transitioning from law enforcement to freelance writing and wants to know which is correct: “He pled guilty” or “He pleaded guilty.” He says that some of the people he calls his hoity-toity friends claim that “pleaded” is always right, but he’s heard educated people use “pled.” Don’t be afraid to argue with a grammar snob on this issuebecause in America, Scotland, and some areas of the U.K. you could use “pled” if you wanted to (1); but you should also be prepared to eventually concede.

I’m sure we’ve all heard the sentence “He pled guilty.” It seems to be a logical way to form the past tense of the verb “to plead,” just as it’s perfectly correct to write the past-tense verb “led” in “He led me away.” Today he leads; yesterday he led—no problem. Of course, hearing something doesn’t make it right, so I checked my dictionary (2). Indeed it lists “pled” as a valid past-tense form or past participle of the verb “to plead.” So grammar miscreants did not deviously gather together and make up that word to enrage grammarians, but some grammarians are mad. Sources I checked fall all along the spectrum of indignation. One (3) flatly states, “The past tense of ‘plead’ is ‘pleaded,’ not ‘pled.’” Another, Bryan Garner (4), acknowledges the existence of “pled” but admonishes us that “‘Pleaded’ is the predominant form in both American English and British English and always the best choice.” The AP Stylebook (5), used by journalists, sums it up well, I think: “Do not use the colloquial past-tense form, ‘pled.’”

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New offbeat circus combines acrobats, break…


Shana Carroll on finding the talent for "Traces": "It's very difficult to find these people. But luckily what's been happening is that ('Traces') has attracted the attention of people who decide they want to be in it and start to train."

Combining acrobatics, dance, music, song, skateboarding and basketball, "Traces" is the product of an unorthodox Quebecois group, “les 7 doigts de la main” (seven fingers of the hand). “Traces” comes to the Segerstrom Center for the Arts from Feb. 29 through March 4.

"Traces" director Shana Carroll: "It's circus on a human scale. We want to make sure that the seven performers are easy to relate to."

The gallery will resume in seconds

"Traces" director Shana Carroll: "We want the audience to feel that each performer could be someone they know. The costumes are very minimal. Throughout the show they reveal bits of personal data, telling the story of their lives. Little by little, you get to know them."

"Traces artistic director Shana Carroll: "In a very big circus, everyone has his or her solo act and that's it. In “Traces” they have their solo moments but they're all involved in the other acts as well. In doing so they reveal that they have other talents. You're constantly (saying), 'Wow, he does all that and plays guitar really well too.' Also, while you'll see an acrobatic tour de force, you're also close enough to see that they're sweating and out of breath. They give everything they do a sense of urgency."

"Traces" artistic director Shana Carroll: "It starts with the thought that if there's a natural disaster or some other scenario that wipes us out, it's with art that we can rebuild. We made that our inspiration and our setting. The people in 'Traces' face some sort of catastrophe. They're together in a shelter – a safe place where they can create moments of poetry and joy within that grim context."

"Traces" artistic director Shana Carroll on the characters and their setting: "The shelter is kind of a makeshift thing. There's a piano that's made out of old parts. It has rawness and energy to it. And there are young performers, mostly in their early 20s. There's something about people that age: they have energy and the courage or perhaps foolishness to want to change the world. When you're that age you're old enough to have an opinion but young enough to not feel jaded."

Shana Carroll on the origins of "Traces": "It goes back to 2005 when I created the first version. We were working with several boys and a girl. They lived in our house for three years so I really got to know them well. I wanted to create a show that would (demonstrate their gifts) in the best possible light. We knew they skateboarded and played basketball and the piano. They all liked to break dance. And they were doing acrobatics in this very accomplished but loose and raw way – an urban style."

Shana Carroll on finding the talent for "Traces": "It's very difficult to find these people. But luckily what's been happening is that ('Traces') has attracted the attention of people who decide they want to be in it and start to train."

Combining acrobatics, dance, music, song, skateboarding and basketball, "Traces" is the product of an unorthodox Quebecois group, “les 7 doigts de la main” (seven fingers of the hand). “Traces” comes to the Segerstrom Center for the Arts from Feb. 29 through March 4.

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Oak Ridge National Laboratory is managed by UT-Battelle for the US Department of Energy

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